Sunfoam is made with fabric and foam structure to provide outstanding finish and even surface pressure. Special abrasives coating on the fabric allows sanding and polishing at same time to finish your work much faster. It is great for curved and contour surfaces and works well on wet sanding.

Grain Sunfoam – Aluminum Oxide Sunfoam SC – Silicon Carbide
Backing Fabric on Foam
Bond Resin over Resin
Coating Special coating on fabric
Grit range 360 – 5000
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  • Automotive
  • Marine
  • Aerospace
  • Wood
  • Metal


  • Disc

Grit range

Grit range
Product P360 P500 P800 P1000 P2000 P3000 P5000
Sunfoam SC

Product Benefit

New Innovation of Finishing
Fabric and foam structure
  • · Provide a better finish without deep scratch
  • · Provide even surface pressure
  • · Good for wet sanding
  • · Good for contour or curved sanding
Special abrasive coating on the fabric
  • · Allows grinding and polishing at the same time
    : Reduces the compound polishing time (Clear Coat finishing)
    : Makes a desirable gloss much faster (Solid surface finishing)
Main Applications and Recommended Steps
  • · Clear Coat : Removing orange peel or paint runs (Wet sanding)
    6" Film disc6" Sunfoam
    #1500 grit>#3000 grit>Compound>Polish

    #3000 sunfoam drastically reduces the compound time

    #1500 grit>#3000 grit>#5000 grit>Polish

    #5000 grit sunfoam may eliminate the compound process for small areas

    · Suggested to use with Soft Backing Pad(08500) and interface pad (09600)

  • · Automotive Headlights : Refurbishing the gray old headlights (Wet sanding)
    3" Film disc with interface pad3" Sunfoam
    #500 grit>#800 grit>#3000 grit>Compound
  • · Solid Surface : Matte, Semi Gloss, High Gloss finish (Wet or Dry sanding)
    6" Film disc6" Sunfoam disc
    Matte Finish :#180>#320>#240
    Semi Gloss Finish :#180>#320>#240>#500
    High Gloss Finish :#180>#320>#240>#500>#2000>#3000
  • · Others : Furniture, Instruments, Bowling balls, Plastics, etc.
Difference between Sunfoam and Sunfoam SC
  • · Sunfoam for better finishing
  • · Sunfoam SC for improved cutting performance and life